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DCC20-49-001B_49 shots Cake

Item No. :DCC20-49-001B


Shots:49 shots

Shape:Straight up

Tube Size:20*25*135mm (0.8)

Product Size:175*175*135mm


Duration:40 sec.



Item No. : DCC20-49-001B

Category: F2

Shots: 49 shots

Shape: Straight up

Tube Size: 20*25*135mm (0.8)

Product Size: 175*175*135mm

NEC.: 332.2g

Duration: 40 sec.

Packing: 8/1

Effect Description:

1st Row Effect A: 3 shots red tiger tail, Effect B: 4 shots red tail to red star & dragon eggs,

2nd Row Effect C: 3 shots green tiger tail, Effect D: 4 shots purple tail to purple star & dragon eggs,

3rd Row Effect E: 3 shots yellow tiger tail, Effect F: 4 shots green tail to green star & dragon eggs,

4th Row Effect G: 7 shots red time rain tail,

5th Row Effect H: 7 shots green tail to green palm dragon eggs,

6th Row Effect I: 7 shots red tail to red palm dragon eggs,

7th Row Effect J: 7 shots gold tail to dragon eggs.


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